Web Developer


Making elegant and high quality source code like a classical music. ♪♫♪♫♪♫

Translating your business needs into a piece of code.

Who Am I

I'm Sonny Recio_

I develop / create both back and front-end web apps that will be of great use for clients with high quality delivery. I also contribute during business requirements and features/functionalities of it before I tackle it. Always available to tackle on new projects and exciting ideas.

6 years of developing web apps using ASP.net MVC, along with front-end technologies. I can also do NodeJS, Laravel for simple apps. For Enterprise Apps I'm more experienced in using ASP.net.

I can setup front-end stuffs using Webpack, Babel, NPM while including VueJS, React into the mix.

Nowadays you'll see me focusing on front-end technologies such as VueJS, ReactJS, and constantly learning new and old ways in JavaScript (ES5, ES6, ES7, ESNext, etc.). I also show big interests in User Experience Design and taking courses related to it to gain basic knowledge while integrating it in my front-end projects.

What I Do

Develop and launch Apps for you

I can develop and launch Apps for you regardless of your tech stacks

Software Consultation

I give software consultations, recommendations, tech stacks that are suitable to your use-case, budget, and business model. I can also suggest and recommend some suitable workflow for your team to be productive at all times

Code Review

I can do code review with your team, improve some of your code workflows, correct and apply better code architecture for your project

Tech Stacks


Apps Developed


Online proofing software for creatives.


i-FRAMER is new and revolutionary software created in Australia from the ground up specifically for framers by a team of experienced framers and software engineers.


Rideeze is a limousine management app that works like Uber and Grab but for limousines.


Optus Health is a Doctor-Patient consultation web app


Oddah is a restaurant finder and ordering app similar to Yelp and Zomato but with POS functionality and queuing system

Open-Source Projects


A sample wizard form created in React


Contains a set of source code of algorithms implementation from different programming languages

What Clients Say

Cody Miles

"I have enjoyed getting to know and work with Sonny over the last several months. He is a talented developer who is disciplined in his approach and creative in his problem solving. Sonny's code is well documented, his commits are clean, and he has done a fantastic job of helping Ashore reach new levels of success. Thank you, Sonny!"

Mark Surman

"Will hire him again."

Albert Vigil

"Will hire him again."